The organizational structure of SEDIMARE is based on the following:

  • The Supervisory Board (SB) is the decision-making body of the Network. It comprises 12 members; one scientist from each participating institution and one representative of the Doctoral Candidates.
  • The Network Coordinator is Prof. Athanassios Dimas. He chairs all meetings of the SB, and he is acting as the intermediary between the Network and the European Commission.
  • The Training Committee plans and organizes all training activities and secondments. It comprises 5 Network scientists, and it is chaired by Prof. Miltiadis Papalexandris.
  • The Communication-Exploitation Committee monitors the implementation of the communication activities and reports on possibilities for the exploitation of project results. It comprises 7 members; six Network scientists and one representative of the Doctoral Candidates.
  • The Fellows Committee selects a representative to the SB and the Communication-Exploitation Committee, monitors the application of the European Charter of Researchers, and raises any issue concerning the Network activities that the Doctoral Candidates deem necessary. It comprises all the Doctoral Candidates.