Sediment Transport and Morphodynamics in Marine and Coastal Waters with Engineering Solutions


Coastal and estuarine areas are under constant erosion/sedimentation pressure. The sustainable development of these areas depends on our understanding of and ability to predict the effect of complex sediment transport and morphodynamic processes and the development of effective applied engineering solutions. The objective of the intersectoral Network SEDIMARE is the interdisciplinary training and award of a PhD degree to Researchers in coastal processes and engineering, aiming towards a sustainable coastal use and protection.

The Network will provide a training-through-research program to 12 Doctoral Candidates in complex sediment transport processes involving sand-mud mixtures, mixed-size sands, and granular-fluid mixtures; coupling between hydrodynamics (waves, storm surges, and tides), sediment transport, and morphological changes; and engineering solutions to issues/problems related to erosion/sedimentation with emphasis on sustainability and resilience. The research methods include effective process-based engineering modelling, advanced numerical simulations, and innovative experiments.

Duration: 2023-2027
Funding: MSCA (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions) Doctoral Networks, Horizon Europe
Consortium: 6 Universities and 5 Research/Industrial Organizations
Training: 12 Doctoral Candidates
Coordinator: Prof. Athanassios Dimas, University of Patras